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goddess of this and that
I am aware that I have been neglecting my LJ duties this summer. So, here's a quick recap of what I did.
This summer, I:
Went to Acen (Even though that was in May, but I was out of school)

Hung out with my friends

Had my first internship that was run by a whiny hippie that ultimately fell flat in my face (Still, something for a resume)

Went to the local Renaissance Faire with said friends

Read several books, including Dante's Inferno, simply because I could

Marathoned Doctor Who and South Park

Went to three funerals in the span of a month

Made a shit-ton of plushies

Worked on some writing, including 2 doujin scripts (I'll try to post them later, if anyone cares to see them).

I move back in 4 days. I get to be in BSFFA house this year (hooray!) with a roomate. This is the first time I've ever shared a room with anyone before. It's sure to be interesting.

And now a meme snagged from a good friend:
1) Out of all the moons in this solar system, which one would you like to visit? I guess the Earth's moon-It's closest to the Earth, and I feel a special connection to it (Feminine Archetypes, and all).
2) What is your ideal house like? Small, but with lots of ladders and doors and nooks and crannies to crawl around in.I love Queen Anne style houses; they always seemed like you could discover some ancient secret there. I'd also like a house where I could climb onto the roof.
3) If you were to build a secret passage, where would it lead? How would you hide it? It would lead to a secret room-maybe a bedroom, or a place to hide a secret. It'd be in a small door behind a chair or large painting (you'd have to crawl through it-lucky I'm tiny).
4) If you had to have a song play every time you walked into a room, what song would you like it to be? Something bright and airy, with a faintly mystic tone to it.
5) What was your favorite book in 5th grade? Harriet the Spy, according to my yearbook from then.

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Major length, and lots of photos.Collapse )

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 Holy Sheet, I am already done with my Freshman year. How the hell did THAT happen?

I have an internship this summer, for the Artist's Rights Movement. I'm currently networking to set up a chapter in Milwaukee. (Of course, I have not yet mentioned to any of the members that I am only 19... OTL)

Got to see the gang this week, so wonderful. We swapped stories and hung out. Ellie was going on about this guy and how Greta should totally hook up (and get married)
Me: Oh my God, Ellie. Do you know what's happened? You are not married, and have no kids, yet you have already become the Jewish Mom.

Acen is this weekend. You know what that means....

(been waiting for AGES to use that one...

I'm going as Mari www.toycoin.com.sg/images/Medicom%20Mari%20Illustrious%20Makinami%20x%201.jpg
and that guy on the far right above. XD
Picspam will follow, I promise!

Word Out. XP

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Okay, as a result of just_bolognese's post, I'm going to play a little game. It's called, "Post 20 things from your harddrive without commenting".
not entirely safe for work...sorry if I scar you...Collapse )

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 Been a while, hasn't it? Here is the shipping meme, snagged from just_bolognese.

a MEEMCollapse )


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 So, Knowyourmeme has been raving about the new My Little Pony series. So, I decided to check it out. 
Okay, /co/, it's not all that bad. There's the girly slut pony, the badass lesbian pony, the hyper-and-possibly-sociopathic pony, and the ultra moe waifu pony. According to the internet. There' s also a derpy pony and a Doctor Who expy pony as stock characters.

It's actually quite amazing what this show is doing to 4chan. People have started being nicer to one another, and accepting. One guy even wrote how he used the show as incentive to stand up to his dad that had given him crap all his life...pretty sweet.

So, here's a little something for all you at home.

Here, the Doctor and Rainbow Dash are going on a wonderful magical adventure, while the Master is telling him to come down and stop being such a prat.

..Is this really worth posting about??

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It's been rather warm this week, which is nice. I've never known it to get so warm in February!
Although a few weeks ago after the blizzard, we had a 5 am fire drill and I was so underdressed I actually went into shock and was temporarily blinded. But it looks like spring's coming early. 

The whole family came down to visit (except Henry, who stayed home). We went out to lunch-cum-dinner at a nice cafe. We ate, played bananagrams, and I got presents and was sung to, and we were generally all spazzes. I really do miss screwing around with them. 
As for presents, I got several nice clothes from Mom, Dad and Grammie, some earrings, more pins for my collection, and the aforementioned bananagrams. We also found a comic book store nearby, where I was bought dice for roleplaying and a t-shirt with Deadpool on it. I may seriously have to look into getting a job there. 

EVeryone left me nice messages on Facebook, and Jeremiah wrote me a song he performed in a video, and Kelly made me one too. So wonderful to feel so loved. :)

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So, I am now into my second semester of college. Classes are quite enjoyable so far. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have Zoology (which looks interesting, as it was always my favorite topic in general science classes. I'm not too keen on having to dissect rats though, as it may be potentially traumatic for me. Ah well.) and Philosophy (Tons of my friends are in it, and the teacher is sweet, and expecting a baby this March. :)) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have Art History (muy interesting, always been a major interest, and Smitty is in it. : D) and Creative Writing (FINALLY I GET THIS KIND OF CLASS) in the morning, and work in the afternoon.

I have the worst cold right now. I've gotten over the general wobbliness of fever, but am still stuffed up, and in Zoology today my eyes got so red I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Not fun.

After much consideration over my major, my top choice is now a self-designed major of Folklore/Mythology, and possibly Creative Writing on the side. I definitely want something to do with stories; I can't live my life without being immersed in them.

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 On the 24 we went down to Chicago to see all the cousins, which was wonderful. Every year Grammie reads the Night Before Christmas before opening presents, and we all make fun of it. Santa is a creeper and is stoned off his ass. XD

On the 25, we opened presents and quick hustled in the van to drive to Minnesota, where we spent a few days with Dad's family. Henry got into lots of wrestle-fights with Charlie, Jenny's dog, and I saw The King's Speech, which was excellent, and the Who special, which I believe you know my reaction to. XD

Then we went to a ski resort for a few days. Skiing is fun, but a bit frightening, and you get SO sore in places you didn't know even existed. 

I got all the things I asked for, including Birth by Sleep and Epic Mickey, which are BOSS. I also got Catching Fire (which I DEVOURED), an ocarina (Which I've been wanting to teach myself) and an enormous nerf gun from Anderew. Do I have the coolest boyfriend ever, or do I?

So, Merry Festivus to all. :)

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 I seriously can't stop grinning. So Epic.

And the previews! River! And Ood! And Cowboy Doctor!

(I will post about my actual Christmas. Eventually.)

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